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Jacque Jones SR was born January 28, 1997 in Chesapeake, Virginia. Jacque fell in love

with music while attending a local Boys and Girls Club. At the age of 6, With the help of his

godfather, Righteous, he began the journey of becoming a music artist. Later, he

released his first single called "My Scooter" at the age of 12. By the age of 13, Myst was in a group called More Than Music (MTM) where he traveled the east coast. More Than Music was known in various

cities and gained popularity rapidly. MTM had many hit singles from “Turnt up”, “Mess up your

makeup”, “Quicker”, and “Doing our job”. Eventually, More Than Music went their separate

ways and became solo artist. In 2014, Jacque gained ownership of MTM and established More Than

Music Entertainment, LLC. His company thrived in the 757 area when he signed two tremendous

artist who quickly brought success and a new style of entertainment. In 2016, MTM

Entertainment changed its name to REAL (Revolutionizing, Evolving, And Living)

Entertainment. REAL Entertainment began working with local artist and companies to expand its

network. During the time, Jacque worked on his mixtape “No other way” and changed his artist

name to Jay 28. “No other way mixtape was a sample of how my album was going to be and to

see if my fans were still there” said Jay 28. In 2019, Jay 28 released his album and it became the

most viewed and downloaded project he ever had. “Out my mind” and “Next to you” were number 1 on his

top songs on all major music streams. To this day, Jay 28 continues his efforts in expanding his career and company.